paradox-song asked:

Hey:) i really like your blog! are you german? if yes, could you please write the info under each picture in german and in english? because my english isn't very good and i'm really interessted in history:)

Hey ^.^ I´m really glad that You like my blog.. but no, I’m not a German..I´m from Slovakia, but if You want I could write info under pictures in german language :)



70 years ago today, on June 6th, 1944 the Western Allies’ armies landed in the Normandy region of France, beginning their push through Europe for Germany that would, combined with the Soviet onslaught from the east, result in the fall of Nazi Germany within the next year. 

In 2014, as we approach the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day invasion, Peter Macdiarmid returned to the invasion grounds to photograph the locations of some iconic - and lessor known - images from the Allied invasion. Presented here are some of the “Then” and “Now” photographs.